API production is done through large scale microbial fermentations. The fermentations are carried out in our production fermentation area using two separate fermentation trains with combined production capacity of 102,000L.

Throughout the fermentation process, temperature, pressure, airflow, pH and dissolved O2 are monitored and controlled. Feed vessels are available for nutrient feeding during fermentation as required. Strict procedures for sterilization of all equipment and piping prior to inoculation, feeding and pH adjustments are in place to prevent contamination of fermentation batches.

The first fermentation train includes three 14,000L production fermenters supported by 19L, 50L & 1500L seed fermenters and 3750L nutrient feed vessels. The second fermentation train includes two 30,000L production fermenters supported by 30L, 300L and 3,000L seed fermenters and 5,000L nutrient feed vessels.

At completion of the fermentation process, the broth is transferred to the isolation plant for filtration and extraction.